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If you have been named the personal representative of your loved one's estate, turn to the probate lawyer at Koppenheffer & Koppenheffer LLP for help. We understand what you are going through.

Probate law can be complex. Make sure you know what to expect in probate court with a skilled probate lawyer by your side. Call Koppenheffer & Koppenheffer LLP right away for a free consultation. Our practice is located in Northglenn, Colorado.

A Helping Hand During the Probate Process

When you need to probate an estate, turn to Koppenheffer & Koppenheffer LLP. We will look over all of your loved one's documents to determine the best way to navigate probate court. If your loved one died without a will or trust, called intestate, we can help you determine who should manage the estate and who will inherit which assets.

If you have been searching for probate law assistance, look no further than Koppenheffer & Koppenheffer LLP. Speak with our probate lawyer about your needs today. You can also call for assistance in Northglenn, Colorado, with drafting wills and trusts.