Don't Leave Your Loved Ones Guessing

Work with a Knowledgeable Lawyer on Your Estate Plan

If something were to happen to you today, would your loved ones know how to handle your estate tomorrow? If you're not sure, reach out to our skilled attorney for estate planning services. Instead of leaving family members guessing about your final wishes, we'll help you formalize your instructions with a will or a trust.

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Guiding You Through the Estate Planning Process

The estate planning process shouldn't be a source of stress. You should feel relieved knowing that you have a plan in place for your family's future. When you work with our firm, we'll work to simplify the estate planning process at every turn. Our services cover a wide variety of aspects that can help your future feel more secure.


Wills are essential parts of an estate plan. They allow you to determine who should administer your estate after you die and who should receive your assets. However, a will does not protect you or your property should you become incapacitated during your lifetime. A will also requires court administration, and it may be a costly document for your heirs to administer.




If you own significant assets such as equity in a home, trusts can spare your beneficiaries the pain of a probate proceeding. Trusts can also help you accomplish specific goals, such as protecting the assets you bequeath to beneficiaries. Two of their most common forms include revocable and irrevocable trusts.

Revocable living trusts allow you to remain in control of your personal and financial affairs while you are alive and well, and they let you decide in advance how you want to be cared for.

Irrevocable trusts are more specialized planning documents in that they can be designed to bestow gifts, maintain separate property, achieve an income, gift, or estate tax goal, or protect beneficiaries from themselves or others’ claims against your assets.

Advanced Health Care Directives

Who will speak for you if you are unable to communicate with your physicians and health care providers? What are your exact instructions to your doctors? A vital part of any estate plan, an advanced health care directive can answer these questions. These legally binding documents allow you to designate a trusted individual to make medical decisions for you if you are physically unable to do so.

Powers of Attorney

Without a power of attorney in place, a family member could make decisions for you if you are incapacitated and unable to communicate your wishes. Assigning a power of attorney can allow your family to avoid complex financial and guardianship proceedings. Be sure to note that general powers of attorney give the agent unlimited power over your property, which may or may not be honored by third parties, such as your bank or brokerage.

Put a Personalized Plan in Place

You’ve built a life based on your unique experiences. Allow our dedicated attorney to help you craft an estate plan that is just as special. To learn more about our estate planning services in Northglenn, Colorado, get in touch with us at Koppenheffer & Koppenheffer LLP. We offer free 30-minute consultations to clients throughout the area, including Broomfield, Thornton, Louisville, and Westminster.


The futures of your assets and your family are too important to leave to chance. Ensure they are protected once you’re gone by creating a comprehensive estate plan. Our attorney at Koppenheffer & Koppenheffer LLP has spent decades helping clients like you outline their final wishes. Contact us in Northglenn, Colorado, to get started.